Old Trash, New Trend

Shaping a real circular future, one fibre at a time

A growing collection of recycled fibres and yarns

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Reviving textiles: from discarded garments and textiles to new products

At our streamlined facilities, automated textile sorting with artificial vision technology and blockchain-powered tools converge, ensuring traceability of origins and material quality throughout the recycling journey.


Recycled yarn and fabrics that embrace a new life for one-of-a-kind quality

This tale of reinvention starts with the recycled garments breaking down until they become raw materials once again: first fibre, then yarn, and finally, the unique fabric that will be used to create a brand new garment.


(Im)perfect colours, outstanding results: ecodesign for the future

At Coleo Studio we design and manufacture collections with a persistent drive to innovate and push the boundaries of recycled design, exploring the remarkable features of our post-consumer yarns and fabrics.


Our own line of recycled workwear and corporate apparel

The collection, featuring a catalogue soon available for online purchase, is made using a significant percentage of materials we’ve recycled ourselves, a great start towards sustainability and a stepping stone towards circularity, as we not only sell uniforms but also assist in managing the company’s textile waste.


A European network of textile recycling plants

Sharing a technology language / standard

Integrated material flows

Added value and up-cycling approach

Creating partnerships in sorting, recycling, technologies and best practices.

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