Changing the textile industry with real solutions that add new value to waste, empowering circularity and traceability.


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Fueled by the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we manage discarded attire and production surpluses from a variety of sources – including households, manufacturers and retailers. We breathe new life into textile waste, starting a circular journey where their paths are reimagined and traced, creating a second chance for each item.


Artificial Intelligence is at the core of our textile sorting revolution. Since the opening of our first plant in 2020, we have been continuously improving our classification software by combining the power of vision technologies with other cutting-edge technological solutions. This advanced approach enables us to detect and categorise textile waste, allowing us to optimise it and prepare it for recycling across a wide variety of waste streams and compositions.  


In our garment recycling process, we focus on unlocking and maximising their potential by carefully removing zippers, buttons, and other elements that could disrupt the recycling process. This step liberates the fabrics, making them ready for transformation into sustainable products. Additionally, as a Special Employment Center, we are committed to creating inclusive job opportunities and contributing to a meaningful economic and social model.

Optimising Flows

Our process focuses on material flow optimization, expertly managing diverse compositions to achieve efficiency and sustainability in our transformations. By streamlining fabric compositions, we pave the way for a balanced, circular future, maximising value while minimising environmental impacts. The better we sort, the better we recycle—elevating quality, enhancing value, and unlocking the true potential of sustainability.



Today, among our innovative revalorization methods, the mechanical process stands out as one of the best scalable solutions to minimise environmental impact. After meticulous sorting, our shredding technique revitalises the fabric, transforming it into fibres to create a new yarn.



Our threads are born from recycled textiles, while the colours are inherited from garments with a history. We try to avoid the dyeing process, letting the natural hues shine through. Our creations embrace authenticity, adding a touch of innovation to every stitch.



Our fabrics are crafted using these threads as the foundation, whether alone or blended with other recycled yarns, resulting in exceptional designs and top-notch quality. We fully integrate ecodesign principles into each stage, from conception to production. To support this commitment, we employ 3D software that enables us to visualise and optimise the product creation process, effectively reducing environmental impacts right from the start.



We finally close the circle designing, developing, and crafting finished garments for all kinds of textile industries.

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Social Commitment


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Social impact

In the thriving world of textile recycling, there is immense potential for both sustainable transformation and economic and social impact. At Coleo, we have always championed the power of human collaboration, which is why we work closely with various organisations and communities to turn this industry into an opportunity for all. We believe in the intrinsic value of people, and together, we strive to make the textile recycling industry a catalyst for positive change.

Special Employment Center

In Galicia, our facility serves as a Special Employment Center: an inclusive hub of opportunity. Here, a diverse team overcomes barriers, including social exclusion and disabilities, to champion circularity. With pride and dedication, they breathe new life into discarded textiles, forging a path towards a sustainable future.


A remarkable success story that exemplifies our commitment to social impact: our collaboration with Aspronaga (Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Galicia), an organisation which unites parents and family members of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Working hand in hand, we have not only enhanced their well-being but also strived to create a fairer, more authentic, and sustainable industry together. We firmly believe that true profitability lies in social impact, where a more inclusive and equitable society is built. With Aspronaga, we continue to champion these values, embracing the significance of our collective efforts.