We are Coleo, like the beetle that turns trash into treasure, we aim to transform textile waste into the garments of the future.

With teamwork, transparency, and traceability, we strive for a fairer industry by tackling the textile waste issue head-on. Each phase of the Coleo process has its own local and scalable ecosystem. Together, they keep the planet spinning: garment collection, followed by sorting and recycling in innovative inclusive work plants, where waste becomes raw material. Material transformed into fibre. Fibre spun into yarn. Yarn woven into fabric, ultimately becoming part of the design and creation of a brand-new garment. Embracing the captivating (im)perfect colours and recycled design, we are united in the purpose of doing things right.
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(Im)perfect colours from post consumer recycled textiles

Dedicated in-house design team to bring your projects to life

Discover a rich spectrum of textile-to-textile yarns, crafted through our meticulous fibre shredding process, creating a harmonious interplay with other recycled materials and a range of captivating hues. At Coleo, we wholeheartedly embrace the fusion of design and sustainability.

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